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Water Valve with Z-Wave control and mini-UPS

Water Valve with Z-Wave control and mini-UPS

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This water valve kit includes:

  • A 3/4 inch ball bearing valve
  • A Z-Wave Zooz Zen17 (to control the Electric water valve with your Z-Wave compatible Hub)
  • Our Mini UPS to power both the electric water valve AND the Zen17 at the same time, in case of power lost.

Electrical connections to Zen17 are pre-made by us. plug and play for you.

We tested this kit's runtime on battery power and we stopped testing after 36 hours of run time which included over 10 open/close cycle of the valve during runtime testing.

    This mini UPS has a 8000 mAh battery and is CE, FCC, and RoHS certified.

    In order for this kit to work properly during a power outrage, make sure that:

    • Your Hub is also running on a mini-UPS.
    • This kit and your hub are not too far from each other (in case of a power failure, your Z-Wave mesh will be down as all your zwave devices will be out of power. so this kit and your hub need to able to talk directly without the need of any repeater. we recommend testing it by turning your master breaker off and test if the hub can control still control the water valve.)
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